Thursday, March 6, 2014

2014 Publications

Paper Crafts & Scrapbooking Magazine Special Issues:
*Cool Tools*
Card, "Love You"  pg. 34
Card," Sunflower Hello"  pg. 54
Card, "Happiest of Birthdays"  pg. 90

*Simple Patterns For Paper Crafting & Scrapbooking*
Gift bag, "Love You"  pg. 24
Layout, "Everyday Life"  pg. 25
Card, "Many Thanks"  pg. 26
Card, "Welcome Baby" pg. 26

*Photo Pocket Scrapbooking Vol. 1*
Card, "Bunches of Birthday Wishes"  pg. 91
Card, "Let Your Dreams Take Flight"  pg. 91

*Stamp It! Card Challenges*
Card, "Thankful Mod Flower"  pg. 13
Card, "You are Wonderful"  pg. 19
Card, " Really Good Friend"  pg. 117
Card, "You're The Best"  pg. 123
Card, "Just Rosie"   pg. 128

*Card Creations for Him*
Card, "Yo!"   pg. 34
Card, "You are Great"   pg. 65
Card, "Amazing Firetruck"  pg. 86
Card, "One of a Kind"   pg. 87
Card, "Plaid Birthday Boy"  pg. 89

*Card Creations Vol. 12*
Card, "Many More"  pg. 24
Card, "The Best is Yet to Come"  pg. 47
Card, "Floral Hello"  pg. 77
Card, "Striped Chalkboard"  pg. 88
Card, "Grateful for You"  pg. 95
Card, "Many Thanks"  pg. 111
Card, "Thankful"  pg. 116

*Stamp It! Techniques Vol. 2*
Card, tutorial, "Love and Hugs Card"  pg. 85

*Practical Solutions for Paper Crafters Vol. 2*
Card, "Be Yourself"  pg. 59
Card, "Happy for You"  pg. 62
Card, "Come Fly Away With Me Shaker Card"  pg. 110

Paper Crafts & Scrapbooking Monthly Digital Issues:
January 2014
Card, "All Star Washi"  pg. 16
Stamp It Techniques tutorial, pg. 17
Dear Go-To-Gal article, pg. 27
Card, "Thank You Are Too Kind"  pg. 27
Card, "Many Birthday Banners" pg. 37
Card, "Beautiful Banner Birthday"  pg. 44
Card, "More Than The Stars Above"  pg. 74

March 2014
Card, "You Made My Day"  pg. 17
Card, "Wowzers"  pg. 28
Card, "Welcome Little Man"  pg. 71

April 2014
Paper Crafting 101 Squares: Stencils pg. 24
Card, "Made My Day"  pg. 25
Card, "Thinking of You"  pg. 25

June 2014
Card, "All Star"  pg. 36
Card, "Kinda Like You"  pg. 39

July 2014
Card, "Perky Thank You"  pg .22

August 2014
Go-To-Gal Sparks monthly article, pg. 32
Altered Canvas Bag, "Hi There"  pg. 32
Card, "So Totally Amazing"  pg. 47
Card, "You are Fabulous"  pg. 68
Card, "Hugs and Love"  pg. 74

September 2014
Card, "Hello Fox"  pg. 16
Go-To-Gal Sparks monthly article, pg. 27
Card, "Gold Smile"  pg 27

October 2014
Go-To-Gal Sparks monthly article, pg .28
Card, "Grateful for You"  pg. 28
Tutorial, watercolor from inks, pg. 29
Card, "Oodles"  pg. 61
Card, "Dot Butterfly"  pg. 66

November 2014
Go-To-Gal Sparks monthly article pg. 25
Card, "My Heart is Full"  pg. 25
Card, "You Mean the World To Me"  pg. 76
Card, "Sparkle"  pg. 82

December 2014
Go-To Gal Sparks monthly article pg. 32
Card, "Marbled Merry Christmas"  pg. 32
Video tutorial, "Marbeling paper"  pg. 33, link