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Thursday, March 6, 2014

2014 Publications

Paper Crafts & Scrapbooking Magazine Special Issues:
*Cool Tools*
Card, "Love You"  pg. 34
Card," Sunflower Hello"  pg. 54
Card, "Happiest of Birthdays"  pg. 90

*Simple Patterns For Paper Crafting & Scrapbooking*
Gift bag, "Love You"  pg. 24
Layout, "Everyday Life"  pg. 25
Card, "Many Thanks"  pg. 26
Card, "Welcome Baby" pg. 26

*Photo Pocket Scrapbooking Vol. 1*
Card, "Bunches of Birthday Wishes"  pg. 91
Card, "Let Your Dreams Take Flight"  pg. 91

*Stamp It! Card Challenges*
Card, "Thankful Mod Flower"  pg. 13
Card, "You are Wonderful"  pg. 19
Card, " Really Good Friend"  pg. 117
Card, "You're The Best"  pg. 123
Card, "Just Rosie"   pg. 128

*Card Creations for Him*
Card, "Yo!"   pg. 34
Card, "You are Great"   pg. 65
Card, "Amazing Firetruck"  pg. 86
Card, "One of a Kind"   pg. 87
Card, "Plaid Birthday Boy"  pg. 89

*Card Creations Vol. 12*
Card, "Many More"  pg. 24
Card, "The Best is Yet to Come"  pg. 47
Card, "Floral Hello"  pg. 77
Card, "Striped Chalkboard"  pg. 88
Card, "Grateful for You"  pg. 95
Card, "Many Thanks"  pg. 111
Card, "Thankful"  pg. 116

*Stamp It! Techniques Vol. 2*
Card, tutorial, "Love and Hugs Card"  pg. 85

*Practical Solutions for Paper Crafters Vol. 2*
Card, "Be Yourself"  pg. 59
Card, "Happy for You"  pg. 62
Card, "Come Fly Away With Me Shaker Card"  pg. 110

Paper Crafts & Scrapbooking Monthly Digital Issues:
January 2014
Card, "All Star Washi"  pg. 16
Stamp It Techniques tutorial, pg. 17
Dear Go-To-Gal article, pg. 27
Card, "Thank You Are Too Kind"  pg. 27
Card, "Many Birthday Banners" pg. 37
Card, "Beautiful Banner Birthday"  pg. 44
Card, "More Than The Stars Above"  pg. 74

March 2014
Card, "You Made My Day"  pg. 17
Card, "Wowzers"  pg. 28
Card, "Welcome Little Man"  pg. 71

April 2014
Paper Crafting 101 Squares: Stencils pg. 24
Card, "Made My Day"  pg. 25
Card, "Thinking of You"  pg. 25

June 2014
Card, "All Star"  pg. 36
Card, "Kinda Like You"  pg. 39

July 2014
Card, "Perky Thank You"  pg .22

August 2014
Go-To-Gal Sparks monthly article, pg. 32
Altered Canvas Bag, "Hi There"  pg. 32
Card, "So Totally Amazing"  pg. 47
Card, "You are Fabulous"  pg. 68
Card, "Hugs and Love"  pg. 74

September 2014
Card, "Hello Fox"  pg. 16
Go-To-Gal Sparks monthly article, pg. 27
Card, "Gold Smile"  pg 27

October 2014
Go-To-Gal Sparks monthly article, pg .28
Card, "Grateful for You"  pg. 28
Tutorial, watercolor from inks, pg. 29
Card, "Oodles"  pg. 61
Card, "Dot Butterfly"  pg. 66

November 2014
Go-To-Gal Sparks monthly article pg. 25
Card, "My Heart is Full"  pg. 25
Card, "You Mean the World To Me"  pg. 76
Card, "Sparkle"  pg. 82

December 2014
Go-To Gal Sparks monthly article pg. 32
Card, "Marbled Merry Christmas"  pg. 32
Video tutorial, "Marbeling paper"  pg. 33, link

Monday, March 18, 2013

2013 Publications

Paper Crafts Magazine special issue:
*Handmade Cards*
Card, "You and Me"  pg. 19
Card, "Simply Amazing"  pg. 41
Card, "Hello Sunshine"  pg. 58
Card, "Merci"  pg. 67
Card, "Party Hat Birthday"  pg. 68
Card, "Celebrate"  pg. 88
Card, "Sending Good Thoughts"  pg. 89

*Holiday Cards and More Vol. 8*
Cover, truck and tree ensemble
Home décor item, "Christmas Countdown"  pg. 14
Home décor item, "Picking out the Tree Table Display"  pg. 14
Card, "Happy Holidays Bokeh Card"  pg. 27

*Birthday Creations*
Ensemble, Silly 16th Birthday Bash, pg. 30
Card, Shining Dazzling Day card, pg. 73

*350 Cards and Gifts Vol. 2*
Card set, "Sending You Love,"  pg. 9
Card set, "Basket of Thanks, "  pg.
Photo holder, "My Sunshine,"  pg. 61
Gift card holder, "Krafty Thank You,"  pg. 86
Gift card holder, "Thanks Mason Jar,"  pg. 88
Gift card holder, "Congratulations Crib,"  pg. 89
Gift card holder, "Chalk Board For You,"  pg. 91

*Card Creations Vol 11*
Card, "Happy Birthday and Many More"  pg. 27
Card, "Happiest Birthday"  pg. 34
Card, "Wonderful Wishes:  pg. 36
Card, "Trick or Treat"  pg. 69
Card, "Good Tidings Christmas"  pg. 98

Paper Crafts Magazine:
Treat box, "Sending Christmas Joy"  pg. 47

Card, "Witches Go Riding"  pg. 28
Bag, "Toxic Treats Bag"  pg. 28
Card, "Trick or Treat"  pg. 29
Straws, "Witches Hats Straws"  pg. 31
Wall Hanging, "Halloween Wall Hanging"  pg. 55
Moxie Fab World, Card "Fall," online

COVER, Card, "Sunshine"
Card, "Bring Sunshine,"  pg. 26

Card, "Beautiful Beginnings,"  pg. 28
Card, "Doily Hello,"  pg. 29

CardMaker Magazine:
Card, "Thinking of You,"  pg. 68

*Spring; Quick and Easy Cards*
Card, "Sunshine,"  pg. 6
Card, "Thank my Lucky Stars,"  pg. 40
Card, "What a Wonderful Day,"  pg. 69
Card, "You are Simply The Best,"  pg. 89
Card, "Live Simply,"  pg. 94
Card, "You make My World Brighter,"  pg. 103
Card, "Grateful for You,"  pg. 106

Friday, January 13, 2012

2012 Publications

CardMaker Magazine
*January 2012 issue*
Article, "Letterpress"  pg. 28-31
     Card, "Love"  pg. 29
     Card, "Love You"  pg. 30
     Card, "I Just Love You"  pg. 31
Box and Card, "Hello card and gift box"  pg. 18, 19

*May 2012*
Card, "Butterfly Thank You"  pg.44

*September 2012*
Card, "Happy Halloween Hats"  pg. 7

*November 2012*
Featured Designer pg. 14
Card, "The Best Things"  pg. 15

2013 Calendar
February, Card, "You're A Catch"
May, Card, "You are Simply The Best"

Paper Crafts Magazine Special Issues
*Paper Crafting Tips and Tricks*
Technique Squares, "Canvas, Cork and Burlap"  pg. 30
Card, "Sending you Love"  pg. 31
Bag, "Birthday Wishes Gift Bag"  pg. 31
Card, "Sunshine Thank you"  pg .37
Card, "Thank you Pins"  pg. 80
Card, "Many Thanks"  pg. 91

*75 Creative Card Challenges*
Card, "You're A Great Friend"  pg 26
Card, "Fancy Frame Miss You"  pg. 41
Card, "Better When Shared"  pg. 56
Card, "Misted Happy Birthday"  pg. 68
Card, "You are my Sunshine"  pg. 88
Car, "Woodgrain Hello"  pg. 113

*Die Cutting for Paper Crafters*
Card, "Intricate Cork Frame"  pg. 29
Card, "Always a Friend"  pg. 36

*Holiday Cards and More Vol 7*
Card, " Candy Buttons"  pg. 20
Card, "Rustic Poinsettia"  pg. 27
Card, "Wishing You Peace and Joy"  pg. 32

*Card design Handbook*
Card, "Dear Friend"  pg. 60

*Stamp It! Cards*
Card, "You Are Amazing"  pg.65

*Card Creations Vol. 10*
Card,  "Butterfly Birthday"  pg. 52
Card,  "Strength and Hope"  pg. 136

*Practical Solutions for Paper Crafters*
Card, "Great Friend Card"  pg. 99
Card, "Great Friend"  pg. 126
Card, "I Appreciate You"  pg. 133

*Party Ensembles: Book published by Leisure Arts*
His and Hers Wedding Shower Ensemble  pg. 82,83
Back Cover

*Cool Tools*
Card, "Friends Card"  pg. 10, with step outs
Card, "Elegant Thank you Card"  pg. 19
Card, "Great Friend Card"  pg. 93, with step outs

*Stamp It 3 Ways*
Mint Motif Stamps, Beyond Borders, pg. 16, 17
Card, "Peace and Joy"  pg. 13
Card, "Heart Defined Card"  pg. 36
Card, "I Love You"  pg. 38

Paper Crafts Magazine
*May/June 2012*
Card, "Read Gift Card Holder"  pg.53
Card, "Ruler Happy Birthday Card"  pg.68

*Sept/Oct 2012*
Card, "Happy Fall Card"  pg. 67

Paper Creations
*Spring 2012*
Card, "life is good" pg 42

*Fall 2012*
Card,  "A Happy Hello"  pg. 19
Card,  "Thank You"  pg.30
Card,  "Happy Halloween"  pg. 60
Altered Item,  "Tombstone Favor Boxes"  pg. 64, 65

Scrapbooking & Beyond
*Fall 2012*
Layout, "Wonderful Day"  pg. 32

Spring 2012*
Layout, "You are my greatest adventure"  pg. 64
Layout, "Silly Faces"  pg. 66, 67

June 2012
Card, "Thank You for Being in My Life"  pg. 132

Create: Stamping
Card, "Good Cards"  pg. 22
Card, "Friends are lifetime Treasures"  pg. 43
Banner, "Its Your Day to Celebrate"  pg. 39

Artistic Wire Book
Wired Cards and Embellishments by Julianna Hudgins
Card, "I'm Always Here for You"  pg. 12
Card, "Hip, Hip, Hooray"  pg. 14

Annie's Spellbinders Giftabilities
Handcrafted Treaures to Create and Share
Vase, "Pretty Vellum Vase Wrap"  pg. 40, 41

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

2011 Publications

Paper Crafts Magazine Special Issues
*Get Inspired*
Card, "So very Much"  pg. 42
Card, "Birthday Numbers"  pg. 56
Card, "I Appreciate You"  pg. 83

*365 Cards*
Card, "Hello Friend"  pg 17
Card, "Everything is Better"  pg. 94
Card, "Amazing Friend"  pg. 108

*Holiday Cards & More Volume 6*
Card, "Elegant Christmas Greetings"  pg. 16
Card, "Thread and Buttons Christmas"  pg. 69
Card, "Holly Joy"  pg. 80
Wall hanging, "Miracle of Christmas"  pg. 145
Frame, "Joy to the World"  pg.150

*Card Ideas for Paper Crafters*
Card, "Happy Day"  pg. 31
Card, "Together Chairs"  pg. 52
Card, "Banner Thank You"  pg. 90
Card, "Pat on the Back"  pg. 109
Card, "Doily Thanks"  pg. 127

*Stamp It!*
Card, "Deepest Sympathy"  pg. 13, Stamp it 3 Ways Feature
Card, "Great Day"   pg. 15
Card, "Sorry for Your Loss"   pg. 129
Card, "You're So Sweet"  pg. 137
Card, "Thank You Floral"  pg, 139

*Card Creations Vol. 9*
Card, " Cool"  pg 53

*Stamp It Techniques*
Winter 2011
Card, "Just a Note" pg. 31

Paper Crafts Magazine
*September/October 2011*
Card, "Pumpkin Wishes Card"  pg. 54
Mixed Media, "Lovely Day Frame"  pg. 60

*March/April 2011*
Card, "Welcome, Little Baby" pg. 62
Get Inspired column project, Card, "Go With All Your Heart" pg. 90

*May/June 2011*
Card, "Music Teacher Thanks Card"  pg. 34
Altered item, "Thank you Teacher Container"  pg. 39

CardMaker Magazine
*January 2011 Issue*
COVER Project: You're A Catch
Happy Anniversary, pg. 34
You're A Catch, pg. 47
Winter's Butterfly pg. 68

CARDS Magazine
*April 2011 issue*
Card, "What Would I Do Without You?"  pg. 59
Card, "You Are Always on my Mind"  pg. 108
Card, "Thinking of You"  pg. 116
Card, "Grateful for You"  pg. 144

*May 2011 issue*
Card, "Mom"  pg. 31
Card, "Thank you for being so Sweet"  pg. 138

Scrapbooking and Beyond
*Spring 2011 Issue*
Layout, "i will always pick you"  pg. 17

*Summer 2011 issue*
Layout, "Big Lake"  pg. 60

Scrapbook Trends
*August 2011*
Layout, "Baking with You"  pg. 123

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

2010 Publications

Paper Crafts Magazine Special Issues
*Color Inspiration for Card Makers"
Feel Better Soon pg. 19
Flourished Birthday Wishes pg. 32
Saying Hello pg. 39
Be Happy pg. 103
Vintage Birthday Flower pg. 148

*Card Creations: Favorite Occasions Vol. 2*
ZigZag Birthday pg. 38

*Holiday Cards and More Vol. 5*
Merry Christmas Bouquet, pg. 27
Red Gingham Happy Holidays, pg.31
Woodgrain Merry Christmas, pg. 32
Prairie Seasons' Greetings, pg. 32
Rustic Christmas, pg. 33
Happy Holidays Home, pg. 52

*Card Style*
Cover Project: Lower Right, Peacock Thanks
Black Flower Silhouette, pg.49
Father's Day, pg. 73
Celebrate with Style, pg.78
Peacock Thanks, pg. 87
Gradient Thank You, pg. 87
Doily Season's Greetings, pg. 142

*Go to Sketches 2010*
Festive Monogram Tag pg. 52
Little Something Gift Card Holder pg. 77
Father Card pg. 103
Love you Forever pg. 145
Love Conquers All pg. 146

*Stamp It! Cards*
January 2010
Live the Sweet Life pg. 17
Love, Life, Lemons pg. 19
You Did It! pg. 37
Easter Wishes pg. 41
Classic Friends pg. 50
Take Care pg. 53
Rain or Shine pg. 59
Mother pg. 62
Rose Thank You pg. 70
Elegant Thanks pg. 70
Always pg. 79
Pinecone Greetings pg. 82

Paper Crafts Magazine
*November/December 2010*
Jingle Bells, pg. 70
Border Punches project, pg. 87

*September/October 2010*

Boo To You, pg. 71

*July/August 2010*
Thanks pg. 45

*May/June 2010*
For My Dad pg. 42
Wishing You Sunshine pg. 76

*March/April 2010*
Cheer Up, Buttercup pg. 40
Good Things pg. 55
All Things Grow pg. 69
Online Bonus Card "So Sweet"

CARDS Magazine
*January 2010*
"We Love the Snow!" pg. 33
"You're My Cup of Tea" pg. 130

August 2010
"Little Sweet Pea", pg. 41
"Thank You", pg 153

Scrapbook Trends
*Quick & Easy Scrapbooking January 2010*
Card, "Hang in There" pg. 65

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

2009 Publications

Paper Crafts Special Issues
*Card Creations: Start to Finish*
January 2010
"Thank you, friend" pg. 78
"Fabulous Friend" pg. 79
"Happy Heart" pg. 97

*Book: A Card a Day*
October 2009
Card, "Hit the Road Jack" page 68
Card, "On the Road Again" page 69
Card, "Star Spangled Day" page78
Card, "Polka Dot Hello" page 81
Card, "Touch Lives Forever" page 101
Card, "Earthy Thank You" page 113
Card, "Houndstooth Trees" page 140

*Holiday Cards and More*
August 2009
Card, "Do No Open Until" page 13
Card, "Frosty Nights" page 14
Card, "Oh Christmas Tree" page 15
Card, "Merry Little Buttoned" page 51
Card, "December Icicles" page 52
Card, "Jingle all the Way" page 54
Card, "Holly Holidays" page 60
Card, Holiday Greetings" page 64
Altered box, "Christmas Star" page 94

*Card Creations Volume 7*
June 2009
Card, "Total Sweetheart" page 33
Card, "Corrugated Halloween" page 98
Card, "Happily Ever After" page 154

*225 Cards and Gifts*
April 2009
Card Set, "Take Joy" page 19
Altered box, "Teacher Pencil Box" page 26
Card, "For You" page 30
Pillow Box, "Birthday Wishes" page 32
Altered tin, "Birthday Wishes" page 33
Altered tin, "Just Because Treat Tin" page 55

*Stamp It! Paper Crafts Special Issue *
February 2009
Card, "Thinking of You" page 14
Card, "Hoppy Birthday" page 39
Card, "May Your Dreams Take Flight" page 56

Paper Crafts
*November/December 2009 Issue*
Altered Tin, "Happy Holidays Gift Canister," page 61
Card, "Merry Little Christmas," page 68

*September/October 2009 Issue*
Card, "Circle Graphic Thanks Card" page 51
Card, "For You Teacher" page 53
Card, "Birthday Girl" page 61

*May/June 2009 Issue*
Card, "Squares of Love" page 43

Simply Handmade
*April/May 2009*
Altered Item, "Bloom Where Your Planted Birdhouse" pages 74-75

*December/January 2009*
Altered Item, "Ornament Set" pages 41-43
Altered Item, "Swirl Ornaments" pages 48-51

Scrapbook Trends
*Stamping Idea Book 2009*
Card, "How Sweet It Is" page 52

*October 2009*
"My Fabulous Friend" page 151

*September 2009*
"The Leaves of Fall" page 30

*May 2009*
"Happy Mother's Day" page 29

*April 2009*
"Diapers, Bottles, and Pacifiers" page 22
"Thank You For Being A Friend" page 119