Wednesday, December 8, 2010

2011 Publications

Paper Crafts Magazine Special Issues
*Get Inspired*
Card, "So very Much"  pg. 42
Card, "Birthday Numbers"  pg. 56
Card, "I Appreciate You"  pg. 83

*365 Cards*
Card, "Hello Friend"  pg 17
Card, "Everything is Better"  pg. 94
Card, "Amazing Friend"  pg. 108

*Holiday Cards & More Volume 6*
Card, "Elegant Christmas Greetings"  pg. 16
Card, "Thread and Buttons Christmas"  pg. 69
Card, "Holly Joy"  pg. 80
Wall hanging, "Miracle of Christmas"  pg. 145
Frame, "Joy to the World"  pg.150

*Card Ideas for Paper Crafters*
Card, "Happy Day"  pg. 31
Card, "Together Chairs"  pg. 52
Card, "Banner Thank You"  pg. 90
Card, "Pat on the Back"  pg. 109
Card, "Doily Thanks"  pg. 127

*Stamp It!*
Card, "Deepest Sympathy"  pg. 13, Stamp it 3 Ways Feature
Card, "Great Day"   pg. 15
Card, "Sorry for Your Loss"   pg. 129
Card, "You're So Sweet"  pg. 137
Card, "Thank You Floral"  pg, 139

*Card Creations Vol. 9*
Card, " Cool"  pg 53

*Stamp It Techniques*
Winter 2011
Card, "Just a Note" pg. 31

Paper Crafts Magazine
*September/October 2011*
Card, "Pumpkin Wishes Card"  pg. 54
Mixed Media, "Lovely Day Frame"  pg. 60

*March/April 2011*
Card, "Welcome, Little Baby" pg. 62
Get Inspired column project, Card, "Go With All Your Heart" pg. 90

*May/June 2011*
Card, "Music Teacher Thanks Card"  pg. 34
Altered item, "Thank you Teacher Container"  pg. 39

CardMaker Magazine
*January 2011 Issue*
COVER Project: You're A Catch
Happy Anniversary, pg. 34
You're A Catch, pg. 47
Winter's Butterfly pg. 68

CARDS Magazine
*April 2011 issue*
Card, "What Would I Do Without You?"  pg. 59
Card, "You Are Always on my Mind"  pg. 108
Card, "Thinking of You"  pg. 116
Card, "Grateful for You"  pg. 144

*May 2011 issue*
Card, "Mom"  pg. 31
Card, "Thank you for being so Sweet"  pg. 138

Scrapbooking and Beyond
*Spring 2011 Issue*
Layout, "i will always pick you"  pg. 17

*Summer 2011 issue*
Layout, "Big Lake"  pg. 60

Scrapbook Trends
*August 2011*
Layout, "Baking with You"  pg. 123

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